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Educational Video Gallery

This gallery provides links to the various videos on this website and on other websites that we hope will be useful. To return to this page, use the VIDEO GALLERY link in the left navigation.

Videos on this website

Flower & Fruit Anatomy Animations
Animations which demonstrate pollination, fertilization, and fruit development in three types of flower: epigynous, perigynous and hypogynous. Developed by Robert Burnett, Brooke Jacobs, Tom Gradziel, and Vito Polito at UC Davis.

Tree Growth 1
A video generated by a model which simulates interaction within the tree, including growth, carbon partitioning and responses to various factors. Developed by Mitch Allen, P. Prusinkiewicz and T. DeJong in partnership with The Virtual Tree.

Animation illustrating simplified growth patterns of a scion grafted onto a rootstock over the course of four years. Developed by Robert Burnett,  Brooke Jacobs and Tom Gradziel  at UC Davis.

Vegetative and Floral Tissue Development 
This animation of floral organogenesis created from a series of scanning electron micrographs simulates the development of the shoot apical meristem of an almond flower bud. Created by Bridget Lamp and Vito Polito at UC Davis.

Soil Sampling Videos 
A series of videos about collecting soil samples for testing. General information for growers includes collecting soil samples, the appropriate tools for sampling, preparing samples for testing and finding a reputable soil testing lab.

Pistachio Pruning Videos
A series of short videos featuring Robert Beede, Kings County Farm Advisor, and Chris Wiley, Ranch Manager Agri-World, demonstrating the pruning and training of pistachio trees from planting to maturity.

Useful Videos from UC sources

Budding, Grafting & Planting Walnut Trees

Nurseryman Alex Suchan demonstrates the grafting, budding and planting of walnut trees in this series of 14 short videos, produced by Rachel Elkins, UCCE Pomology Farm Advisor and UC ANR.

IPM Program Videos

UC IPM Program videos describing the Year-round IPM Programs for individual crops. Additionally, a video explaining the use of degree day calculations to time pest management treatments.