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Julia Stover
UC Davis Plant Sciences




Kevin Taniguchi
UC Davis Plant Sciences

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Center Advisory Board

Current Members

Patrick H. Brown, Professor, UC Davis Plant Sciences

Pat J. Brown, Associate Professor/Nut Crops Breeder, UC Davis Plant Sciences

Ted DeJong, Distinguished Professor Emeritus/CE Specialist, UC Davis Plant Sciences

Louise Ferguson, CE Specialist, UC Davis Plant Sciences

Bruce Lampinen, CE Specialist, UC Davis Plant Sciences

Astrid Volder, Associate Professor, UC Davis Plant Sciences


Former Members

Carlos CrisostoCE Specialist, UC Davis Plant Sciences

Kevin Day, Farm Advisor, Tulare County

Ben Faber, Farm Advisor, Ventura County

Allan Fulton, Farm Advisor, Tehama County

Deborah Golino, CE Specialist, UC Davis Plant Sciences

Franz Niederholzer, Farm Advisor, Sutter-Yuba County

John Preece, USDA ARS Germplasm Repository

Previous Staff

We are grateful to our previous staff members and wish them well.


Julie Jacquemin

Center Manager


Susana Pinar Garcia

Writer and Project coordinator

Brooke Jacobs, Postdoctoral Researcher & Outreach Coordinator, bsjacobs@ucdavis.edu

Brooke Jacobs

Associate Director

Antoinette Machado, Student Assistant

Antoinette Machado

Student Assistant

Janet Zalom

Computer Resources

MIchelle Kong, Plant Sciences Graduate Student

Michelle Kong

Graduate Student

Jack Leng, Graphic Design

Jack Leng

Graphic Design

Krista Rindell

Center Manager